More awamu stoves, gasifier stoves - November 14, 2011!

Awamu stove

Is a hybrid of the Quad3 stove and is appropriate for households and small businesses with cooking needs like restaurants and shops for boiling drinking water. The stove is portable, energy saving, efficient and is BLACK in color with ORANGE handles. Read more....


Awamu distributes processed biomass fuels that are appropriate for use in our stoves. They are processed, packaged, stored and ready to use. We sell fuels like Wood chips, chopped wood, maize cobs, uncarbonized briquettes, and maize cobs among others. Read more...

SEED Award

  • Awamu Biomass Energy was recorgonized by United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) as an exceltional social and environmental enterprise for its low carbon in October 2013. The colorful event took place in Nairobi, and offering finacial support.
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Awamu is a Luganda word which means "Together". The company is a spin-off from the Wolrd Bank-funded BEIA project which promoted the Mwoto gasifier stove and was implemented in 2011 by CREEC - Makerere University.

Awamu is a for-profit social and environmental enterprise which focuses on the manufacture of TLUD gasifier stoves and processed biomass fuels in Uganda. The company was incepted in October 2012 and is based at the premises of St. Noah Church of Uganda in Makerere Kikoni.

Awamu was inspired by the idea of working with local stakeholders to promote a low cost, locally produced and highly efficient clean cooking solution for the less privileged communities in Uganda. We target rural and peri-urban communities who still have access to biomass.

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